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Testimonial: “Stan is a construction veteran with considerable and varied experience. He has vast knowledge in construction management, construction practices, government contracting, and design-build construction. His understanding of the construction industry supports good decisions that get the work completed efficiently, within budget limitations. Stan understands the importance of a good project schedule, the necessity to aggressively monitor the project schedule for slippages, and the importance of delivering on time. He works closely with the project administrative staff to assure project reporting, correspondence, and submittal documentation is accurate and current. Stan is determined to get the job done, and to get the job done right.” Corps of Engineers

Stan Uhlig was a United States Navy Seabee in Vietnam. After obtaining his degree in civil engineering, he has taught civil engineering technology, worked in federal construction contracting and design as a chief engineer, project manager, program manager, and senior project manager for various companies around the world. The owner of a multi-million dollar construction company, Uhlig has completed some of the biggest and most complex government contracts, including underground aircraft hangars, nuclear weapons storage facilities, historic renovations, and an underground 250 bed hospital. He is now the owner of Federal Construction Consultants, which specializes in showing firms how to get into the federal construction business and be successful at it.

As an experienced federal government construction contractor, Uhlig explains where to find federal construction projects to bid on, what makes a winning proposal and much more.

To find out more about Stan Uhlig the author, go to: FederalContractSpecialist.com

Below are testimonials of Stan's self published book "Principles of Federal Construction Contracting".  The same book was accepted by Management Concepts, who named the book "Federal Construction Contracting Made Easy".

"Principles of Federal Construction Contracting" has become a great resource for us.  Whenever we have a question about a project we are bidding, I know where to find the answer." Greg Tozer - Operations Manager

“I started working with Stan Uhlig 20 years ago when he was responsible for military construction on a very dynamic USAF contract I managed in the Middle East. His 2010 book, "Principles of Federal Construction Contracting," is a thorough, practical introduction to the federal market for small construction firms seeking to understand how to do business with the federal government. As Stan's book demonstrates, it is not enough to be excellent in your construction services to succeed with the government client, one has to understand the structure of a federal construction contract in order to minimize bid risk and enhance one's ability to satisfy the customer. In this book Stan has presented an excellent systematic analysis of the most common terms and conditions presented in federal construction solicitations, explained in Stan's no-nonsense language from one construction professional to another. If you are thinking about or starting to pursue federal construction business, Stan Uhlig's "Principles of Federal Construction Contracting" is a must read.” David A. Dustin, Director, Contracts & Procurement, Nobis-Engineering Inc - 

"Principles of Federal construction Contracting" helped us diversify the business.  We have able to thrive at a time when others are struggling just to stay in business."  Owner, Holmes Mechanical, Inc., Silverdale, WA

"It is really hard to find people that truly understand construction and even harder to find people that understand Federal work - Stan is very knowledgeable and I highly recommend Principles of Federal Construction Contracting if you would like to grow your business and be profitable." Bill Britz - Owner

"I'd like to introduce you to Stan Uhlig.  Stan was our Senior PM with Bird Construction, and is considered a Federal Govt/Military "Guru"."  Robert Virtue - Safety Manager Ft Lewis WA

"Principles of Federal Construction Contracting by Stan Uhlig provides contractors, architects, engineers, and more guidance and information on how to be successful in the federal construction trade." Editor

A daily reference guide you’ll reach for, Principles of Federal Construction Contracting is as handy as a hammer.

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