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Federal Construction Contracting Made Easy

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©2012, 6"x 9" softcover, 366 pages
ISBN 978-1-56726-361-9
Product code: B619

By: Stan Uhlig

Follow the Path to Success in Federal Construction Contracting

Opportunities abound in federal government construction contracting, but the devil is in the details. Companies performing work for the federal government must plan and operate based on very specific guidelines and regulations. Knowing how to work within those strict parameters makes the difference between success and failure.

Federal Construction Contracting Made Easy is your road map to successfully identifying, planning, and completing government construction projects. This book guides you in finding opportunities, preparing winning proposals, and staying in compliance on construction projects. It is the one resource you will need to work in this competitive arena. The book provides guidance on:

  • Understanding the Federal Acquisition Regulation and knowing when and how to use it for your benefit and protection
  • Preparing quality control and safety programs that comply with federal regulations and processes
  • Determining when a change order is required and how to price and properly process
  • Identifying a claim and knowing how to process it

Federal Construction Contracting Made Easy is an invaluable resource for construction firms, architect/engineer firms, subcontractors, and vendors that want to do business with the federal government.

Plus! A handy glossary of terms is included.

Bonus: Federal Construction Contracting Made Easy: A Field Guide to the FAR is available as a supplement for project superintendents.

Contents: Finding and Understanding the Solicitation • Building a Strategy and Developing a Proposal • Contracts • Design • Quality Control • Safety • Contract Clauses • Modification Proposals • Claims • Acronyms • Government Contract Glossary

About the Author:
Stan Uhlig
, founder and owner of Federal Construction Consultants, is a leading expert who began his extensive career as a Seabee in Vietnam. During his 37 years as a contractor to the Department of Defense, Stan worked as a chief engineer, senior project manager, and general manager of operations. The founder of a multimillion-dollar construction business, he has successfully completed some of the largest and most complex government construction contracts at home and abroad.


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Mr. Uhlig, I am writing this e-mail to thank you for the wonderful service you have provided to us through your consulting business.  I was thoroughly frustrated trying to obtain a Federal Construction Contract to no avail.  Thank God we were able to find you, and we now have been awarded our first Federal Contract.  Your services are first class.  There are so many things you have done for us.  Just helping us to navigate Fed Bizz Opps was a tremendous help.  Then you helped us choose a niche in the Federal Market, guided us through the bid process, and even helped us modify our subcontractor agreement.  We could not have done this without the Good Lord sending us your way.  Thank you and I look forward to more new bids with you.
Sebring, FL